Monday, June 20, 2011


goldy is my new fish . he lives in a flower vase that has his name on it. goldy is a glow fish and we bought hem at petco. he is green disbite his name. I love mi goldy.

**I love how Thornley is writing this and we've yet to purchase said fish**


  1. Thornley - we have a fish in a flower vase. He has lived there happily for over a year. Well, except when his vase broke and we had to buy him another but he was no worse for it! His name is Velvis and his is a beta. I wanted to name him Velvet (after the red velvet cake balls I made for the auction and the fact that he is red) but no one liked Velvet. Then I thought, Elvis, and no one liked that. So I started calling him Velvis and it stuck. He's a nice fish and lives in the middle of our currently very messy kitchen!

  2. We have a cat named Goldy. She used to be the Gardners' cat, but she didn't like their dogs, so she moved in with us.