Monday, March 19, 2012

chickens now laying!

now my chickens are laying eggs! every single one of theme! pipa took the longest to start laying. but she's been laying up to 2 eggs per day! way to go pipa!

legoville v.3

legoville in ruins! torn off the face of lego univers! now in construction, legoville v.2! legoville v.2 in ruins! now in constuction, legovile v.3! my legoville v.3 is way better than legovill v.1 or v.2. it has a fort and a castle all made of legos! and even better, no more wars! last 2 legovilles where destroyed in wars! so no more wars! theres a palace and coming soon there will be a bank! there will also be a stage for lego bands and plays! this has been lego news ntwork