Tuesday, October 30, 2012

robotics stolen files

this is agent tenderson reporting from home base. i have stolen robotics files from team 1611. they have finished a mission and are on a new 2 missions. captain grey, former member of los nanobots has finisher the medicine mission and started an the bridge mission. they dont even know this blog existes, i just recovered it from cybirspace so i can post these files. my friend elias and i where in los nanobots with grey. now grey hangs out with gavin and skyler. now insted of grey all day, i hang out with elias first recces and my brother jack at last recces. i know this is becoming personal, but it lincs to grey. elias, if you are reeding this, take a notebook, im giving you secret info an the f.l.l medicine mission.

so, in order to complete medicine mission, you must have your light sensor and color sensor. ad the third motor on the side and attach a hook. make it so the robot reads the black line until it deteckts green make it so that when it findes it, the claw goes up and hooks on to the tube an top af the tank. then make it retreet to the base and you have acomplished the mission. i hope you werent drawing when you read this. show this to your team on your next meeting.

spy industre files

        october 30, 2012 8:14 am anderson house.

this is an under cover mission. this is agent tenderson, reporting from inside anderson house under deep cover. i am in the dinning room at the table writing this. agent jabickleson and i are exploring ancient ruins down the hall, recovering artifacts and making planes. in mintopia, a wither is about to escape, but we dont know when. if we time this wrong, the end of minetopia as we know it. our mission, find the withers plans.

we are in the ruins and have found the book. we are now heading back to camp to read it.